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The Internal Break Up

  • To Begin with This eBook was born as a letter. That I wrote to a lover, who was out of my reach. As an outlet for my emotions. To express everything, that I couldn’t tell him in person. To document the epic perceptions, that came up in my mind, trying to explain his absence. To share the signs and synchronicities with him, that made so much sense to me. All of which were beautiful, mystical. A different reality, that I got lost in, for a time. I never intended to send the letter. Or share it with anyone. It’s very personal and precious to me. But the Muse has other plans. She wants it to be witnessed. The story to be told. So, over time, this letter grew. And evolved into a narrative about the time, when I hit my Chiron return. When I turned 49, I had to let everything go. My life changed completely. And turned me inwards. This place in time got marked by a rite of passage. My first tattoo. Initiation through pain. To acknowledge my shadow. Like the Sleeping Phoenix, I went through three major changes: I woke up, I died and I got reborn again. This eBook is describing the events, that were leading to this transformation. So, in a way, I was still asleep. Having a dream. The island, that is mentioned in this eBook, is the island of Fuerteventura, where I spent more than a decade of my life. A catalyst of a place, it’s perfect for waking up and getting real. If you choose to see the signs. Be prepared for a unique read. Anne

The Goddess who forgot about herself

  • For starters This is a book for the soul. From the soul. It’s a book for reconnecting. Its tales have been received on an island. A volcanic one. That is pure and naked, with lots of open spaces. That provides peace and clarity. All the women who trusted me with their life stories have lived or are still living here. Every tale in this book contains a special trait of the soul. There are thirteen altogether: Allowing Being in sync Being responsible Creating Deciding Enjoying Letting Go Letting Grow Loving Realizing Anne Ehrhardt 7 The Goddess who forgot about herself Receiving Returning Trusting In this book they are flowing in a different order. Because they have their own innate one for me. They build upon one another. Your order may differ. Allow these tales some breathing space. So their blessings can come to you, too. Anne