Selective Line Analysis

  • A one-page pdf packed to the brim with your most prominent imprints.
  • See your unique definitions at one glance.
  • Know what you can rely on in yourself.


249,- €

Follow Up Session

  • Need help to translate my SLA vibes?
  • Let me explain your uniqueness to you.
  • Understand the deeper meaning and mystery that are waiting to be discovered in each Line.

90 Min. 

299,- €

The whole package: SLA + Follow Up

  • Be smart and choose the best deal for the best price.
  • Make sure to get the most out of your SLA.
  • It’s for LIFE.

pdf + 90 Min.

449,- €

The ultimate HD Dive Session

  • Go even deeper and know it all.
  • Ask any question that you want and get closer to the magical synthesis that you are.

120 Min.

399,- €

Selective Line Analysis

Price for one-page pdf     249,- €

Get all your Detail. For life.

Included Detail:

Short essence explications of the Human Design Lines of your Personality and Design

  • Your strongest imprint for life.
  • How you are.
  • Your movement in and out of life.
  • Your NOT Self.
  • Your True Self.
  • Your Job.
  • Your Law.
  • Your Weirdness.
  • And one unique important Extra.


The pdf is structured into sections. Your definitions are extra highlighted according to the Quarter you were born in with a special color

  • Rosé for Initiation.
  • Spring Green for Civilization.
  • Gold for Bonding.
  • Baby Blue for Transformation.

I use bold letters to distinguish the Lines in your defined Centers from the Lines in your open ones.

The last detail:

I’ll check, if your Lines are fixed in the Exaltation or in the Detriment, making it even
more specific for you.

You don’t have to like it.

Love it, you will.

Follow Up Session

Price for 90 Min.        299,- €

Get all your Selective Line Analysis SLA details explained in a One-on-One Skype Session.

Included Detail:

  • We will go through every detail of your SLA until you have clarity about it.
  • I will answer all your questions. So have them prepared to get the most out of me.
  • The better your questions, the better my answers.


Recording your session is allowed, too.

The whole package:
Follow Up

Price for one-page pdf + 90 Min.   449,- €

Get the whole package in one go.

Included Detail:

  • Your unique one-page SLA pdf for life.
  • 90 Min. Follow Up Session via Skype.
  • Full explanation of all your detail. All your questions answered.


All together to be enjoyed for a special price!

The ultimate
HD Dive Session

Price for 120 Min.        399,- €

Go even deeper into yourself.

Included Detail:

  • Your Incarnation Cross expressed through your Design.
  • Your dominant Circuitry: Collective, Individual, Tribal.
  • Your Profile versus your Line Stats.
  • Your dominant God Heads.
  • Your dominant Quarter.
  • NOT Self Analysis.


Know all your influences and pitfalls.

And be fully you.


SLA is for you when you have already basic Human Design knowledge, like your Type, Authority, Strategy, Profile, Centers, Gates, Channels and Definitions. And when you are not designed or motivated to study and go deeper by yourself.

I use for the SLA.

The last two years I have dedicated to extensive self study of Human Design using various online sources such as https://www.jovian and Ra’s youtube videos.

At some point Ra said that everyone who reads Human Design will always deliver the same information to the client just interpreted through a unique perspective. Because Human Design is the absolute of how the illusion of the Maia works.

Once you have filled out the Check Out form to order your fabulous Selective Line Analysis SLA and I have been informed of your incoming payment, you will receive your invoice via email.

Next, I will work my magic and after 5-10 working days you will find your one page pdf SLA in your inbox to enjoy.  Remember, I have emotional authority, so the good things take their time and all your detail has to be spot on.

If you order a glorious Session, you will receive your invoice and three appointment  suggestions, as soon as I have been informed of your incoming payment.

Once we have agreed on a time, I will send you the link to our Skype meeting via email 24 hours before. You do not have to have a Skype account to join the meeting. Just show up on time and all answers are yours.

If for some reason I cannot keep these promises, I will inform you asap.

When you have bought one of my inspiring eBooks, you will
receive your invoice and personal download link directly after
payment at your PayPal email to enjoy.

Human Design Coaching would mean to have a goal, to help you get what you want or to change your life in some aspects. I don’t have that goal.

My motivation is innocence.

I’m an Investigator. And I’m a resource of knowledge, being right-minded.

I inform and bring you clarity.

That’s my impact.

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