“My SLA made me see that there’s a lot of beauty
in my chart
, even in the most difficult parts.
Now I know that there is nothing wrong with me.”
I was a dog trying to be a cat.
Once you have that knowledge,
you’re unstoppable.
“I found out that some things I was criticized for
in the past were just a natural way to be
according to my Human Design.”

Annabelle's Full Praise.

Annabelle Spence

2/4 emotional
Manifesting Generator
Healing with Annabelle
London, England

Why did you book a SLA + Follow Up Session?

“Well, I was really curious about Human Design ever since I discovered it and it was shown to me.

I’m very interested in personal development, self knowledge and esoteric sciences, so I wanted to know more about my chart. And I thought the SLA would be a great way to discover more, because I wanted to get a detailed approach to my chart.

I really like knowing about the details and I wanted to get as much information as I could to learn as much as I could.”

Has it brought you more knowledge about yourself apart from what you knew before? And if so, what knowledge was that?

“It has brought me a lot more knowledge, because of Anne’s particular perspective and the detailed aspects.

Learning about the specific lines is really helpful. Knowing how the line in that gate is expressed is very helpful and makes it very personalized. So you know exactly what part of you it’s talking about and you can find yourself exactly in the explanation.

The knowledge I knew about HD was quite vague and basic, just the general knowledge about the centers, some of the channels, I just knew the basics.

Anne’s knowledge has given me really interesting insight into my chart and how it manifests in real life, in everyday life, and how I can use it to my advantage and also be aware of the potential pitfalls.

Also the SLA has given me acceptance about these parts of me.

And that is a big thing. Anne has taught me to embrace the choicelessness of my design instead of hating it or trying to change it or bypass it.

It made me see that there’s a lot of beauty in my chart, even in the most difficult parts and sometimes this beauty is even in the choicelessness, because this is a cosmic joke and we’re part of it.

Anne has brought me a lot of insights that are invaluable and that’s what I cherish the most out of what she has taught me.”

Did you have a change of perspective on how you see yourself afterwards? And if so, could you describe the change?

“Yes, I definitely had a change of perspective about myself. I don´t even know where to start.

It helped me to embrace the parts of me that I didn’t like so much and that I thought I could change maybe through personal development.

It also helped me let go of this idea of having to be good and perfect and realize that we all have innate aspects in our design that are seen as less favorable by society but that does not mean that they actually are.  So it helped me decondition from general opinions of society and things like that.

Another change of perspective is that it helped me to be fearless about these parts of myself that I’ve been suppressing. I do embrace them now. Since then things have gone a lot more smoothly and have made a lot more sense.

I feal fuller, I feel more whole, more grounded and calm with myself. I feel like things make a lot more sense and I actually have a lot of positive thoughts towards my design now. And I can embrace some kind of laugh at the silliness of the shadow aspects of time which is quite useful for dealing with them when they come up.

Another big change was learning about the emotional wave and learning how to surf it, accept it and not try to overanalyze it as if there was something wrong. That has been massive for me. In terms of my mental health just to accept that sometimes things are going to be rough and that it’s normal. I’m designed for emotional low lows and high highs. Now I know that there is nothing wrong with me, there’s nothing I’m handling wrong, I’m not behind. I’m exactly  where I’m meant to be. It’s coded in me.

That was a big one for me.”

Would you recommend it? And why?

“I specifically recommend working with Anne, because she’s in it for the knowledge, the objective approach and the consciousness. And to become more self-aware for the benefit, for the improvement of our lives. Which I really appreciate.

I think, anyone could benefit from it.  Because it really simplifies this whole perspective we have as a society of needing to change, needing to improve. It makes it more precise and we become more aware of what we need to do:

Which is nothing but be ourselves and let go of what is not us.

I think it is such a gift to know what we are truly made of. And that helps give clarity and get rid of confusion.

So, I would definitely recommend this to anyone.”


Awa's Full Praise.

Why did you book a SLA + Follow Up Session?

“I discovered Human Design very on the surface and I love to dive deeper.

That’s why I booked the SLA.”

Has it brought you more knowledge about yourself apart from what you knew before? And if so, what knowledge was that?

“Yes. Definitely.

TQoD has brought a deeper understanding for myself and my way of functioning, and my way of being, my way of living, loving. And it’s actually so deep because it’s bringing a better understanding of who I am and what I’m made of.

So, when I think of Design I’m thinking of an animal. Maybe if I was a dog, as an example, but I don’t know that I’m a dog, I would need to know that it’s very important for me to get affection from others, it´s very important for me to go outside into nature and smell things.

And basically, the SLA is bringing you to such a deeper level that it’s helping you feeling and being more comfortable and understand yourself better, to thrive better in your life.

‘Cause sometimes we do things that are against our Design. Basically, I was a dog trying to be a cat, because my upbringing taught me to be a cat, but then I’m finding out that I’m a dog and I’m finding out that I need to learn about myself to function.

And it really stops my suffering because I understand that I’m a dog.

It’s simplified this way but basically it’s so deep that we can see into different areas of life, the most important ones.

That knowledge is worth so much today. It’s worth so much. Because maybe I would’ve spend my life continuing to try to be a cat when I was a dog.

And I wish that for anybody to understand the deeper version of themselves.

That’s such a beautiful gift, such a unique gift to have access to this information.

You have to run and do it now!”

Did you have a change of perspective on how you see yourself afterwards? And if so, could you describe the change?

“Yes, it’s a very big change of perspective, because now I feel like I’m not wasting time tryin’ to be someone that I’m not.

To describe the change I guess I will need to think of examples that are only, like, towards me.

To simplify I would say, maybe, in my career or as far as like why I’m capable of doing it, why I’m not, what kind of person I am, the amount of energy that I have.

Basically, every time I have a conversation with TQoD there’s like a firework in my brain because the way it’s being explained just makes me understand all my patterns and makes me understand who I am, makes me understand what I need to stop, what I need to continue, what I need to amplify.

And I think this is the most beautiful gift in life, ‘cause life is already difficult.

And I know that I’m being vague but learning to be and to understand the deep parts of myself is so unique.

And it’s detailed!

It’s not like just a vague conception like “All you Pisces…”. It’s so much more than that.

I think the best way, because I don’t have enough words to actually describe what it does to you, I think the best way‘s to actually experience it, at least one time in your life.  

It will connect the dots with everything that happened to you in your life, your parents, your friendships, your loved ones. How you think, how you love, like it’s … I wish I had enough words.

It’s such a big concept, I see it so big. It’s like the ocean and I’m trying to describe it like a grab of sand and it’s actually the ocean.

You can look into any area that you want to. But once you have that knowledge, you’re unstoppable. Unstoppable.

‘Cause you’re gonna stop banging your head against the wall.

Because awareness is everything. And many times we do things that, we feel guided to do things, because we don’t even understand ourselves.

And once we understand ourselves we can bring that harmony into the world, into ourselves.

We can teach people to do the same.”

Would you recommend it? And why?

“I highly highly highly highly recommend it.

It’s actually a beautiful gift to have access to this knowledge today.

And it needs to be taught at a very young age. It’s literally the future.

Because once our kids are going to learn, they’re gonna live according to their Design and not tryin’ to be a zebra or not tryin’ to be a monkey when they are only dogs. Everything is just put into place. There’s gonna be less suffering.

I feel actually very blessed to have access to this knowledge and have someone that can explain to me, all those traits, all the analysis regarding me. And it’s so big that every time I feel I just scratch the surface it’s still making a giant movement in my life.

Because I understand it now.

I understand where not to go. I understand myself. And I think we’re always on the quest of learning who we are and not what the society has taught us.

TQoD, Anne, is doing such an amazing job because she has dived deep into the subject, into the knowledge.

She’s a Queen, for sure.

Because she has dived deep and did the work to restructure it and bring it to a language that we can understand at our level. That makes everything so understandable. It’s like explaining something to a five year old. You have to find a way to explain things that are sometimes very complicated to explain and Anne did that. She has studied and she has translated and understood the language on such a deep level. That now when it’s being translated to us,  it’s so much more than you can expect.

So, I highly recommend it. Try the SLA!

You will with guarantee go back and see her again. Because she has transformed me and changed me in such a profound way. And there’s no price that I could give for what I have received being in her presence.

And I think that’s such a blessing. And I wanna thank her for that.

Thank you so much, my beautiful Queen. ”


Awa Touty Diouf

6/2 emotional Manifestor
Florida, U.S.A.

Tuuli's Full Praise.

Tuuli Vahtra

Coach and
Completion Process
Certified Practitioner
Tallinn, Estonia

Why did you book a SLA + Follow Up Session?

“Over the years I have known Anne, she has deeply investigated Human Design and shown tremendous passion towards the system. 

I wished to receive advanced information and ask specific questions about my design.”

Has it brought you more knowledge about yourself apart from what you knew before? And if so, what knowledge was that?

“The Selective Line Analysis and Follow Up Session provided me with a better understanding and valuable guidelines about the main areas of my life.

They also brought out pitfalls and therefore help to avoid them.

For example, I learned more about

  • relationships
  • creativity
  • health
  • work and finances
  • my natural rhythm and waves.

The information in the SLA was well structured and therefore gave an excellent overview.”

Did you have a change of perspective on how you see yourself afterwards? And if so, could you describe the change?

“The session with Anne helped me define, whether some traits I have are part of my design or are conditioned by traumas or society.

After my Follow Up Session, I felt relief, as I found out that some things I was criticized for in the past were just a natural way to be according to my design.

I also feel a bit more trust and acceptance towards some processes in my life.”

Would you recommend it? And why?

“Anne has shared with me numerous details that I would have even not known to ask for. That’s also one of the reasons why I would recommend Anne’s services so highly – because she could give you so much information and guidelines that you would not even know to look for.

If you like to ask questions as I do, I highly recommend having a Follow Up Session together with a Selective Line Analysis.

Many areas of my life have just made more sense after diving more into Human Design together with Anne. She’s easy to talk to, great at connecting dots, and has a strong intuition.

 And I feel truly grateful for that.”