Line 63.3 – Continuance.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

Line 63.3 - Continuance.

May 31, 2022


Questions, questions and more questions.

Gate 63 is the ultimate Mind Gate.

That’s what my Personality Mercury has prepped me for. And it’s all I’m thinking and talking about. 🤔

How can we survive as a species?

Are there consistent patterns, that are proven?

What can we truly rely upon?

By reading my last blog post about Line 63.1, you can see, how dominant this Gate is in my Design, because it’s my Incarnation Cross of Consciousness.

The first Line is all about looking for what works.

For the third Line, it’s the opposite. Talking about contradictions in our Designs. 😂

As a third Line,

the answers of others do not satisfy me. 😫

For almost fifty years of my life, I was on this quest of trying to find the answers.

And I didn’t find any.

Only religion or blurry spiritual new age stuff, that both didn’t stand the test of logic.

So annoying!!!

On top of that, as a Four, I take on what I am presented with, especially from my parents and other important figures, without really questioning it.

Thank G.O.D., I am an Investigator. So, over time, I can see, if these answers are valid or not.

And as it turned out, they mostly weren’t.

Until finally, after all these years of error, there was this new answer, this

new concept, which gave me the answers, I was looking for.

Being introduced to the science of Human Design was literally mind blowing for me.

My 63.3 is another Line, that makes Human Design my savior. 👍

Because of the answers.

And not only for myself personally. But for the survival of the species.

This is the real pressure of the Cross of Consciousness. It’s collective. Not just about I.

It’s about

making every other human being conscious, too. 😇

Which is an impossible task, of course.

But, before finding Human Design, I wasn’t even able to do that with one human being at a time. I didn’t have the right tools and could only go so deep.

After everything, that I’ve been through in this life, I had to come to terms with the fact, that there’s a lot in life, we are only allowed to see

over time. 🕑

Some truths can only be revealed to us, when we have the maturity to take them in, the experience to understand.

As a Manifestor, that makes me angry. It’s the ultimate limitation.

An interference of life itself. 😋

Why are we designed that way?

Why do we have to go through so many errors?

What’s the point in all of that?

And the only answer to that question is:


Because life is the experience. 😎

Life is all about the experience. Not about the concept.

Like Ra said (and there’s more to watch here):

The answer is in the experience. ⛴🚀⛰

Or: The experience is the answer.

And experience simply happens.

It doesn’t occur as an reaction to a question.

That’s the beauty of life.

And if that sounds cryptic to you, it’s fine.

Life is an unsolvable enigma to contemplate. 🙄

Until you see, that it’s not important, what happens in your head.

It’s important, what happens in your life. 🎈🎉🎭

Because that’s the only thing we have, as long as our Design Crystal is breathing.

And only, while we are alive in a body, we can make new experiences as a conscious being.

And those experiences are the only thing, we’ll take with us. Which we’ll never lose.

Because the Personality Crystal is eternal. 💫

And takes all the experiences with it. Out of all the life times.

At least, that’s what I’ve come to think.

The magic of life lies in the experience. 😁😪😏

And we’re all here to make our own.

Whatever they look like.

And I hope, that reading this article

was a pleasant one for you. 🙌