Line 63.1 – Composure.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

Line 63.1 - Composure.

May 17, 2022

Line 63.1 – Composure.


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I’m a 1/4 emotional Manifestor on the Cross of Consciousness. My Personality Sun resides in the first Line of the Gate of Doubts. The 63.1., which Ra baptised Composure.

I’m imprinted for life to be looking for answers about life. 🤔

The Line, I was born under, is part of the Circuitry of Collective Logic.

I am mentally pressured to find valid patterns for the Collective, that are worthy to be projected into the future. ⏩

Or in other words, I want to find logical answers, that stand the test of time.

It also means, that I’m legitimately suspicious of any “easy” answer.

On this Cross, I have been set up to be

on a life long journey of looking for the concept, that explains life to me. 🚗

And boy, have I been fooled.

By so many false prophets. So many spiritual belief systems. That are so NOT-Self to me.

Because I’m no believer.

As a child, I was conditioned by my roman-catholic family to become one. I internalized, what I was hearing and seeing. Like every 1/4 is bound to. But I never believed. Too many doubts. Because

the bible wasn’t logical.

No religion really is. And I’m not against religion in general.

I understand, that religion is needed. It’s just not for everyone.

Especially not for people, who are mostly collective, like I am.

My Cross is completely collective: 63/64 – 5/35. 🌍🌎🌏

As are three of my four definitions: 64-47, 17-62 and 36-35. As you can see in my BodyGraph on my about page.

I am looking at humanity as a whole.

And I need answers, that explain the state of that whole to me. In a logical way.

That’s why being introduced to Human Design, after almost fifty years of searching and discarding other concepts, was like coming home to me. 🏡

Finally, I got my answers. And the best part is:

Human Design is a science. The sience of differentiation. 

That explains our uniqueness to us. And helps us to navigate this plane.

For me, understanding is the ultimate relief. 🎉🌞😁

And the best part was: I didn’t have to believe anything.

I could start my own experiment. 💪

Which I did.

For your information, if you want to start yours, I recommend this.

I see the proof in my own life. Every single day. All this incredible conditioning going on. How the planets are influencing us. How we are programming each other.

Outer Vision is my cognition. And I can see the density of the Maia at its peak. I can see the Cross of Planning on its way out of the door.

I can’t get over, how accurate the science of differentiation is. How much I resonate.

All that information, that is coming out of Ra’s mouth. I love listening to him. To his seductive voice of the Clarion.

Listening to Ra is a constant Yes. 👍

One long answer. To all my questions. Even though, he can be annoying sometimes, because he loves to digress…

And he’s not denying, that there’s some underlying unexplainable magic, that we’ll probably never be able to grasp.

Because we’re running out of time.

But I don’t care about that. I’m just so at Peace with having found a concept, that is practical and helps us navigate the future. A concept, that is logical and that I can study.

Because that’s essential for me as an Investigator. 🧐

Human Design is so deep. 🌌

And layered. I love, that there are so many answers to find in every new layer.

Now, that I’ve found the concept, that I’ve been looking for all my life,

I get to live it. 😂😎🙄😫

I get to live my own experiment and see life through my unique perspective. Consciously.

I understand, that I’m here to impact by providing answers. For one person at a time.

Impact by Human Design is my purpose. 🥰

And my greatest joy.