Line 62.5 – Metamorphosis.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

July 27, 2021

When I was writing about this Line, another text suddenly came up in my head and wanted to be published, too.

So, here I am, sharing my excitement with you about

my first eBook, inspired by Metamorphosis. 📗

Now, that I’m writing full text blogposts about my Lines – and not just a blog of poems, like before – a lot of stories and tales, that have been dormant on my hard drive over many years want to come into the world in the form of an eBook. 📚

So, be prepared to find them announced in the blogpost of the Line, that they relate to.

The Line 62.5  piped up to link it to my eBook

🌟The Goddess that forgot about herself 🌺

If you purchase it, you will find thirteen short but intense and transforming tales, inspired by the life stories of very special women, whom I’ve met on this island.

Reading one of the tales will take you less then five minutes. But be warned, they are like little pills, that unfold their true power over time and may have some surprising side effects. 😜

Now, about the 62.5.

This is the Line, where

The Queen of Detail 👑

got born.

It’s where my Personality Jupiter, my Law, resides. 💪

And it’s a fifth Line, a minefield of projection. Seriously, I have to have the detail. Or suffer the consequences.

That’s what others see in me. That’s what you seduce me to do, so I can seduce you right back to get it out of me.

Oh, what a relief, to finally understand the process that’s at work here!

And luckily, I’ve always liked to study and had the opportunity to do so. I love to knuckle down and get to the nitty gritty. I like to find it all out and scribble it down, so it’s mine.

Mein Schatz!!! 💎

When I first learned about that Line, this sentence stood out:

Caution, Patience and Detail lead to Excellence.

Everything else comes afterwards. No premature initiation of expression or action.

And I just had to realize: there’s a lot of waiting going on before that. 🤨

No rushing in. Do your work first. Get the basics, the details right.

Excellence is completely independent of willpower.

Of course, I have been on the other side of that. I’m a Manifestor!

I used to rush in too soon, with concepts that were not elaborated enough to convince others. And crashed into walls of resistance. 😬

I’ve also been chasing  many concepts and many tools over time, always thinking:

“This is it. Finally. Answers.”

And they were all valid and served me well for a time. But most of them didn’t stand the test of logic, because they weren’t sciences.

Then I got introduced to Ra’s teachings. And got the virus. 🦠 Ooops, that’s a bacteria. Anyway,

Human Design is contagious.

And there are good things, we can pass on to each other, too. 😉

Because I have the 62.5 defined, Human Design feels like home to me.

It feels just right. It explains the mechanics of the game. And that’s what I’d been looking for. 🌊🌞

That’s why these words are sitting on my kitchen wall.

To remind me of my Law: To wait until I have the details right.

Which I now feel that I have.

I’m ready to step into my role of providing the detail of logic. I would love to organize all of us into this new pattern of Human Design yesterday. I can’t wait for everyone to know their Lines.

That’s my passion. That’s what I love doing. That’s what I’m burning for. 🔥

And yes, I’m aware, that it may not be correct for everyone.

Still, I would love to see, how we all could be together on that new level of awareness.

Knowing my Lines made such a difference to me.

It’s so worthwhile. It’s so awesome. It’s so genius.

To really get, who you are and who the other is. Down to the Line.

Such enlightenment, in every sense of the word! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

For me the 62.5 is

The Line of Human Design.

It’s the Line of understanding, what this existence is all about. Pure logic that can be proven.

Now I’m over 50 – a fact that I’ve been mourning and resisting at first 😟- I can see, what a gift maturity is. Because now I have enough experience to share, what I know.

Now, I can bring you detail in your

Selective Line Analysis SLA

Read More

Let yourself be impacted by understanding.

If and when it’s correct for you.

And there’s something else in this Line:


I’m at home in English, Deutsch or Español.

I love using my voice to share. 💗

And I can’t wait to talk to you.