Line 5.4 – The Hunter.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

Line 5.4 - The Hunter.

November 30, 2021

The hunter has to learn to wait for the right time. 🕜

Seriously? Because that’s exactly, what he doesn’t want. Especially not, when he happens to come in the Type of the Manifestor.

Like I do.

So, if you’re a hunter, too, don’t be surprised, if it’ll take you a life time to get into your healthy fixed pattern. 😎

My Design Sun 🌞 is in the 5.4. Which is the Gate of Natural Rhythm.

And as such, it has just one imperative, and that’s to

Honor your rhythm. 👼

Because I have the fourth Line defined, which is in the upper trigram, I have to honor my rhythm as a contribution for the whole of humanity.

My body is thriving, when it’s allowed to have its special little rituals, that are repeated every single day. Like clockwork.

That’s healthy for me. 🍀

Otherwise, my survival is threatened. I’m basically designed to get ill at some point, because it’s very likely to come across forces, who’ll pull me out of my healthy rhythm. I have a fixation in the detriment. 😨

And yes, it’s basically always been some kind of illness, that showed me, that it was time to move.

When you have the 5.4 in your chart,

an illness can act as a sign post.🛑

My illnesses always told me, that I wasn’t living correctly. That my survival was threatened.

And it’s a real good idea to listen, to follow the signs. As a hunter, illness is natural to me and helps me navigate the Maia.

Talking about forces, who can pull me out of my healthy fixed pattern, these are people,

who have the Gate 15 defined

in their Chart and therefore, are destined to pull me into their flow. They guarantee, that humanity will move and mutate to survive.

They are the extremes. 📉

And boy, are they dangerous for us, when we have the 5.4 defined! I’m warning you, living with someone, who has the 15 to your 5, is not a good idea! 🚩

The thing with the 15s is, that they are magnetic. They have a big aura that envelops every thing. They are dominant that way and so damn attractive, that we, the little 5s, get drawn to them like moths to a flame. 🔥

And then, we’re doomed, because it’s

good-bye to our steady nice little rhythm. 🖐

And we’re suddenly doing all these extreme things, that are not really healthy for us.

Believe me, I’ve been there. With both of my husbands. One had the whole channel, which wasn’t too bad, but the other had the 15.3 defined, which created an irresistible Electro with my Gate 5.3. We sparked up both of our G’s.

I felt, like I’d met my soul-mate. Finally!!!

I thought, he was the One. 💑

Which, come to think of it, I’ve thought about every single man, whom I’ve gotten involved with in my life.  Thanks to my open G. But this time, the feeling was

a million times more intense!!! 💖💖💖

And when I finally got to see our designs together, woah! We should just have stopped, when we were still in, what I call, our Blue Lagoon Phase. And yes, it was exactly, what you’re thinking! After all, Fuerteventura is a beautiful island. 🌊

But instead, we married. And everything went downhill from there. We just weren’t compatible. We brought out the detriment in the other.  Which lead to the most severe illness, that I’ve ever had as an adult. I had to stay in bed for seven weeks.

Oh, the mechanics.

So, what did I learn from this painful experience?

If I don’t honor my mechanics, I get sick. 🛌

Since I’ve been living on my own for the last five years, I can see, how my natural rhythm has taken over my life. During the years of deconditioning, everything fell into place, bit by bit, like magic, until I arrived at my inbuilt schedule:

  • I go to the Supermarket every Monday at 9:00 am, on the dot.
  • I do my early morning walks twice a week, depending on the sunrise.
  • I do my exercises twice a week.
  • I have a nap after lunch and dinner as well. Yes, I’m having a nap, before I go to sleep. 🤣


The result is, that

I’m feeling happy and healthy, 🏄👍😄

following my fixed patterns.

And I made a vow to myself, to be very

careful with my housemates in the future. 😉