Line 47.4 – Repression.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

Line 47.4 - Repression.

December 14, 2021

The Line 47.4, which gets defined by my Design Pluto, is

fixed on resolving this one thing from the past. 🤔

I felt repressed by outer forces and hard done by, all my life. And I took it very personally. I wanted the same forces, that were repressing me, to solve my problem, which, of course, they couldn’t.

I think, you’ve heard it a million times:

The only way out is going in. 😅

And because it’s impossible to make sense of the fractured images, that are randomly popping up in the mind, it’s good to go looking for help. For therapy.

If you have the Line 47.4 defined, like most people, who were born in the late 1960ies, you have your work cut out. Because Pluto represents our True Self.

I’ve been searching for resolution, until my Chiron returned around my 50iest birthday. I’ve already shared some of my therapies in my article about the Line 47.3, which is in my Personality Pluto. So, I have the doble whammy here.

For twenty years, I’ve had recurring nightmares. I’ve been obsessed with finding out

What happened, and who’s to blame? 🤔

And the obvious answer is: The parents. The Family.

Such a bond. Such a blessing. And such a burden. The blood, that is thicker than water.

Genetic bonds, you cannot run from.

Who doesn’t want their mummy to comfort them, when they’re hurt?  But unfortunately, in a lot of cases, mummy wasn’t so well equipped for the job. And it wasn’t her fault.

That’s another thing, that is so obvious, with one glance at someone’s chart. You can see, if someone is

designed to be parent or rather not. 👨👩👧👦

For example, I’m not designed to take consistent care of others. And boy, have I been dissed for being content with NOT having children! Just as a side note. And to take off the edge a little. It’s a tough topic, we’re going through in this article. And I can only write about it like that, because I came out on the other end. 😌

Family bonds are sensitive tribal business.

And we all play the blame game. Until it gets clear, that, yes, there have been people in our lives, who have hurt us. And yes, in most cases, they were our care givers.

Remember, it’s choiceless. And that’s impossibly hard to accept, sometimes.

Just yesterday, I saw one of these movies, where the hero down spirals from a “civilized person” all the way back to killer monkey mode. An eye for an eye. And in the end, when he’s standing knee deep in the blood of his tormentor, there’s no relief,

“I thought, I would feel better. But I don’t.” 😫

Yes, it can be a very satisfying mental image, taking revenge or punishing the person, who has hurt us. Burning it all down to the ground. And believe me, I’ve done that, many times.

It was a necessary step of my healing journey, my integration work.


Lasting solutions only come from putting yourself back together.

From facing and validating your emotions. 😭😨😡🥴

We have to go back in time, internally. And face the wounds. And we are right to be afraid of that,

because it effing hurts. 💥

We want to take it out on the other, because the pain has not lessened over time. It has stayed the same. Waiting.

But, when it’s in the cards for you, when you’re an adult,

you can find the strength and the tools 💪

to face it. And here, I have to mention the Completion Process by Teal Swan again, because it’s the most effective tool, that I have encountered. And I have tried a few in my life, which you can read about here.

I keep coming back to this topic,  because

being trauma-informed is absolutely mandatory,

if you ever want to have a healthy relationship with another human being.

When I started working with the Completion Process, I couldn’t believe, how extreme it got. How my body was burning up inside. How much it had stored. And, when I wanted to release it, I had to

go through the original pain 🔥🔥🔥

and re-live it. Save the hurting child myself and take her into my arms. Listen to her and take care of all her needs. 💗🥪🍨🍼 🐾🐰👩‍👧

The pain of the fragmented inner parts of our consciousness can get so intense, that you think, you can’t take it. But you can. You won’t break your bones, even when it does feel that way.

Trauma integration is a tough business.

The good thing is, that once you’ve started the process, a lot of it happens organically.

Another thing, that I found, is:

Line 47.4 will be constantly coming up with fragmented images from the past.

Don’t believe, what you are seeing in your mind! 🚩

The images are very likely distorted. They’re not showing you THE truth. They are a reflection of your emotions.

Better: Trust your feelings.

And you’ll see, that, by integrating your long lost parts back into yourself, your whole perspective is going to change.

I see my family in a very different light today. The images and the nightmares are gone. So are the triggers. The blame game has ended.

I have stopped expecting things from my family, that they’re not designed to give.  And I’m happy to receive the things, they do give.

I’m grateful for my family. 🙏

And this is my reward. 🎀👑🏆

After having lived in Repression for so long, I can truly say:

If you put in the effort and go searching for

the fragments of your own consciousness,

you can truly free yourself. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟