Line 47.3 – Self-Oppression.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

August 24, 2021

I remember my childhood like shards of glass. My mind has been telling me so many things.

Dark things. Scary things. Things, that didn’t make sense. 🤔

My Personality Pluto is in that Line. So, this is my True Self.

Ra says, that

This Line is an ordeal.

It can lead to seeing life as difficult. And let me tell you, he’s right.

For me, it was all: “Oh my God, there’s something seriously wrong with me.” 😲

Nothing seemed to work. Yes, it’s a three, so it’s supposed to be that way.

But I didn’t know that at the time.

So, this Line has pushed me into doing all kinds of therapy right after University, when I was just starting a new job in Berlin.

Instantly, I got all kinds of ailments. The worst among them was a pain in my lower back.

I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t lie down, I couldn’t work.

“Psychosomatic”, the doctor said and sent me right off to my first therapy.

Looking back – knowing, what I know now – it made a lot of sense. I’ve got the full Channel, the 64-47 which happens to be the Channel of Psychotherapy in Design. 🤣🤣🤣

Over the last three decades, this is

What my 47.3 lead me to:

Physical Therapies

  • Rolfing = Not for the faint hearted! 😎 They literally deconstruct your whole body in 10 sessions and put you back together again. I highly recommend it, though, because, all pain aside, it does wonders to your posture! If you happen to be situated in Hamburg, Germany, check out my therapist, who’s still working her magic here:
  • Water-Shiatsu = A beautiful guy from Brazil bent and moved my body into all kinds of postures, while pulling me through a huge pool of gloriously warm thermal water from a Northern Italian well. Abso-fucking-lutely awesome!!! 😍 I slept for fifteen hours afterwards.
  • Neuro-Kinesiology = The therapist was so psychic she sensed the energy of a man, I had cruelly rejected and advised me to apologize to him. Which I did. At least spiritually. It was a huge relief! 🙌
  • Bowen = It’s magical, how the body reorganizes itself, when someone knows, where, when and how to touch it. Thank you, Linda! You have magical hands. 🤗

Psychological Therapies

  • Classic Psychotherapy = I remember the rising feeling of anxiety after ringing the door bell. Always afraid, that she could’ve forgotten about me.  Yes, abandonment was a huge issue for me. And she never let me down. 👩🏼 If you happen to live in Berlin, check this out:
  • Family Constellation = I did this paired with Spiritual Releasing, which not only worked wonders for my family relationships. It also helped me to see way beyond the surface. And you wouldn’t believe the changes of room temperature during constellations! So, if you are located in the South of Germany: 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
  • Coaching = I had the best possible trainer and master: Bernd Isert. You left the planet much too soon for my liking. Rest in peace, beautiful soul. 🙏
  • Hypnosis = The experienced Spaniard, who was also a nurse, helped me to restore my self esteem after my second divorce. I lost a ton of weight in the process. Physically and otherwise. 👍

Spiritual Therapies

  • Angel Light Therapy = We were lying on the floor in the living room. Afterwards, everyone had seen beautiful colors or heard helpful messages. I didn’t. My body was just tingling all over. 👼
  • Sacred Geometry = Fun stuff. I love the science behind it! Did you know, that the smallest body at the base of everything is a tetrahedron? And how logical, that they are conscious and have an agenda, too. 😁
  • Space Clearing = Definitely helped me to send some lost souls home into the light. Thank you, for clearing my apartment, Malgosia! 👻
  • Ho’Oponopono = Simple and beautiful! And it really works, if you are willing to put in the effort and concentrate on it. 🌺


Every time I thought I was healed,

There was more.

Until I came across Teal Swan and The Completion Process.

What a life changer! I highly highly recommend it! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

And the best thing was: I could start doing it on my own. Which I did.

Over the last four years, I’ve had over 150 sessions with myself, received 50 paid sessions and after training to be a Certified Practitioner, I also gave 30 sessions to others.

If you are looking for support in that area, please check out my friend Tuuli at You’ll never meet a more effective and caring Projector. 👍

Today, I would say that

With CP, I got prepared for deconditioning.

Most importantly, it opened the door to my suppressed feelings. And what a back log of anger I had!  I needed a lot of encouragement and screaming into my pillows to get that out. I even trashed my laundry basket. And cried a river of tears. 😡😭

Teal’s work isn’t only therapeutical, her YouTube channel is also highly educational. I studied over 300 videos and learned so much about, what our feelings are, the different body sensations and how to sit with them instead of running away from them.

Without this tool, I would never have gotten to the understanding of what it means to be a human being today. The Completion Process helped me to integrate my memories,

Preparing me for my Solar Plexus Wave. 🌊

Now, I don’t have to constantly try to make sense out of my past anymore. I’ve put it at rest. Another result are much healthier boundaries, so that my behavior is way less codependent.

I also found my true best friends ever. 💗💗💗

So, thank you, Teal, for your outstanding teachings! 🙏

What Ra says in the Line Companion is so true. When you have a 47.3 , since it’s experiential, you have to face a lot of crisis, but your life doesn’t have to be horrible.

You can get to a place, where you’ll finally see:

“My mind is giving me a hard time. But really, I’m ok.”

If you have this challenging Line,

I hope you’ll get there, too. 🍀