Line 44.2 – Management.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

Line 44.2 - Management.

November 2, 2021

Goal, goal, goal.

This is what the Line 44.2 is saying. No, not saying, SHOUTING.

This Line is the location of my Personality South Node, which determined my movement in the first half of my life. And made me think, that I was strategic, whereas, in reality, I’m receptive. 🤣🤣🤣

The 44.2 is at the core of how we work together to achieve our business goals. So, this article is going to be a teeny bit more somber, being work related. 😑

When I was working as an internal consultant for the public administration, my busy Head was very interested in one question:

How do we get to the goal? 🚀

Relatively fresh out of university, my boss and I were hired to organize the implementation of a new controlling system, and we needed to tread carefully. We had to bring in the new without devaluing the old ways. That was the challenge.

And it was clear from the start, that our passion for the efficiency of economic management didn’t sit so well with people, who had been doing their jobs a very specific way for decades.

It was a great opportunity for me, to learn how change affects us, and how to use the art of non-threatening communication to help in this transition. 😅

My career journey started with this job in Berlin, and if you’re a member of LinkedIn, you’re invited to scroll through my NOT-SELF job experiences here. I’ve tried to make them as entertaining to read as possible. 🎉

After a few years, I switched jobs and moved from Berlin to Hamburg. I was hired as a member in a consulting team, and we sometimes did client projects together, in smaller teams.

Have you ever been in a situation, when, all of a sudden, you just don’t get along with your colleague anymore, and the awkwardness is getting quite intense?

Well, that happened to me. It got so bad, that her mere presence triggered me, and it all felt very personal. That was well before I heard of Human Design, and I was still

deeply conditioned into my seven-centered strategic experience. 🔭

And what shall I say, when I finally asked my co-worker for a conversation, I realized, that we were having a professional conflict about how to support the team of our client.

She was concerned about the quality of the process, while I just wanted to get to the goal pretty quickly.

It wasn’t personal at all. 😂

Having the 44.2, I learned a lot about how to attend to people, who are confronted with a systemic change. And yes, I might have stepped on a few toes in the process. 🦶 😅

Basically , the 44 is a very instinctive Gate, and

it’s all about tribal business. 💸

The Line 44.2 is looking at the other side of the Channel and has a natural gift for sniffing out the defined Egos, who are the right people for the job. It’s a spontaneous knowing.

I also know, how to treat these Egos, because my own Ego is defined. I have the full Channel of Surrender in my Chart. Which is a blessing, because as you probably know, the Ego is not a consistent motor. When it has accomplished something, it wants a reward and a rest. 🥇

Like Ra said, these are the sales guys, who seal the deal and then swan off to the golf course. ⛳

While the South Node was influencing the first part of my life, I didn’t get the chance to step into the role of the personnel manager. When I finally did, I was 48 and already in the second phase of my life, when the North Node, my 24.2, had taken over.

How I understand it, the South Node Lines are still our comfort zone, where we feel at home.

So, when I got the position of Area Manager in the second half of my life, I was in charge of picking out the right members, the right sellers, for my team. And I did

find some real great Egos. 👦👩🦰👩🦲👵

My most successful seller had everybody hanging on his lips, when he presented our products. Which were top notch organic lotions. It also helped, that he was super cute. ☺

And lol, after having been introduced to Human Design, I found out that he had a very mesmerizing 26.2 in his chart. The perfect match to my 44.2!!! 🎰

Apart from the Line, if you’re having anything to do with a 44 in your chart, then here’s the most important advice ever about this Gate:

Start any new contact with another without any preconditions. 🙌

Through the interaction itself, you’ll see what’s possible and can make your arrangements accordingly. Otherwise, you might rob your chance encounters of their potentials.


trust your instincts! 👃

If it smells like a rat, it most likely is one.

Even if it looks like a mouse. 🐭