Line 43.6 – Breakthrough.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

Line 43.6 - Breakthrough.

January 11, 2022

Happy New Year, everyone!!! 🎉🎇🎊

I really feel, that this year is going to give us some respite to sort us out in a new way.

And I want to begin my writings with the only Line, where I have two planets in my Chart:

The Line 43.6.

The first is my Personality Neptune. And the second is my Design Mercury.

As you probably know, wherever Neptune happens to be in your Chart,

you don’t have conscious access to that Line. 😣

Which really is such a bummer, talking about Insights. You can read all about how that feels in my blogpost about the Line 43.5. And seriously, what’s the point in having this Line ruled by Neptune???

Another disturbing fact is, as it happens with all 6th Lines, that my 43.6 is already

looking ahead to the first Line of Gate 14,

which Ra has named “Money isn’t everything”. I love that Line, because it’s all about wealth having its own problems. I think, that’s one of the reasons, I never wanted to buy a house, because in a way, if you have a property like that, it owns you. 🏡

Apart from that, what really concerns the 43.6 is

mutative knowing. 💡

Knowing has to be life changing. If it isn’t new, then why bother.

This Line is looking for a NEW ORDER, internally and externally.

Only the big jump will ring my bell. 🔔

And, guess what, that has already happened, because

my new order is Human Design. 🎇🎉

And thanks to my Design Mercury, it’s all, I think and talk about.

Being introduced to Human Design has changed my understanding of life completely.

My experiment keeps on bringing practical changes into my life.

Here are some of them:

  • You’ve probably read on my About page, that I cut my own hair, because I wasn’t happy all my life, how hairdressers kept on misunderstanding my curls. 👧
  • I got vacced. Yes, I have. My Solar Plexus demanded it, and I followed. And it was a complete surprise for me, because, only weeks before, I had been very skeptical, hearing all the bad news about it. And please don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking a stand here for or against it. All I’m saying is, that I followed my own authority. And it still feels right. 🧪
  • I have left the island, where I have lived the last 14 years, and returned to my home country. 🌊
  • I have let go of the idea, that my ex-husband and I could get back together. Seeing how our charts and the mechanics work, it would be detrimental for both of us anyway.


Having a collective mind and reading a lot of Ra’s insights about our evolution in general, I see many things differently now.

Slowly, I’m reverting back to my Type. I’m not feeling cast out, when I don’t fit in, anymore. That’s to be expected, when you’re a Manifestor. 😂

Human Design is an absolute and logical explanation of the Maia and has changed my life in so many ways.

Learning about choicelessness, has put everything into perspective.

Even though, I still worry. It’s, what we 43.6es do. We worry our heads off. 😲

It’s horrible.

I prefer to be busy, studying Human Design instead. 📝

And I can only share it with those, who are swimming towards me.

Because my HD impact is unique. It doesn’t fit everyone. There are only a few people in my closer circle, who can be impacted by my breakthrough knowledge.

And that’s ok.

So, for the last two years, I’ve been the mad scientist, getting sucked into in my Human Design studies, like an inhale. Then writing it all down for you, like an exhale.

I forgot to eat, drink and take a break.

I sat in the same posture, crouching over my laptop diagonally, one leg crossed over the other, squeezing my  knee against the table top, so that it got dented and started hurting at some point. 😫

I couldn’t help it.

I was having a bout of busyness, and I was off into my own world. 

I love disappearing into my flow like that. It’s so amazing, seeing the words manifest on the screen, without knowing, where they even come from. 💗💗💗

I only recently learned, that as a Manifestor,

I am a conduit.

And that resonates with my experience. Inspiration just flows through me.

After having disappeared for hours, I come back to reality, exhausted, but fulfilled with inner knowing. And when I have restored myself for a while,

I’m ready to share, what I found, with you. 😘