Line 43.5 – Progression.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

Line 43.5 - Progression.

December 28, 2021

Let’s finish this incredible year with some heady stuff. 😁

We’re in my busy Ajna again. The Line 43.5 is defined by my Design Neptune. Which Ra calls the NOT-SELF. Which is hidden, because Neptune puts a veil over everything. So, in a sense, I shouldn’t even bother writing a blogpost about this Line, because I don’t see it…🤣

And, on top of that, it’s unconscious, which makes it even less accessible.

Still, I’m up to the challenge to share my thoughts with you on this one. Let’s see, what my right-sided mind will come up with. 🤔

The 43 is the Gate of Insight and, with my Line 5,

I’m projected upon, that

I’m having insights and

can explain them to others. 💡

And this is, where it’s getting tricky, because that’s a projection, it doesn’t have to be the case in reality.

As far as I’m concerned, it never is.

Because explaining my insights to another is very difficult and sometimes even impossible.

Because I don’t have the 23. I have no individual way of sharing my knowing.

When I say “I know”, it feels like lying. 😬

It doesn’t feel good, because it’s not my voice.

Remember, the Throat has eleven voices. It’s the Center, which has the most Gates of all Centers. It’s the main hub of the BodyGraph, the outlet of every Stream, that is running through our blue prints.

I think, it’s so important to know your voices.

The ones, that are defined and therefore, consistent.

These are mine:

“I think or not”, “I lead or not” and “I feel or not”. 👄

That’s it.

When I say, “I believe”, it doesn’t feel right, nor do “I remember” or “I have” in terms of resources.

Try it out!

I’m sure, you’re going to notice the difference, after hanging out some time in your Human Design experiment. 😉

So, here I am, with my unconscious, veiled 43.5, having no defined way of expression.

I always have to

wait for other people or the transits 💫🌌🪐

to ignite the outlet of my knowing.

I call myself very lucky to have a good friend, who has the whole Channel 43-23 defined. I’m in awe of the way, her inner knowing is flowing out of her effortlessly, and I feel so empowered, every time she shares her insights with me.

Thank you so much, Awa. 🙏

And not only do I have to wait for support from the outside, I also

have to make sure, that I understand the other. 💑

Only then I can get my message across, in the appropriate way, and be received.

It’s so interesting, that this fifth Line needs to establish a good relationship first, before it can be heard. Normally, fifth Lines can talk to strangers. But not this one.

This fits in beautifully with my 1/4 Profile. Which has to be introduced first, to feel comfortable with a stranger.

What a happy circumstance it is, that

I love Human Design, and I love to investigate people. 💗💗💗

But you can see, how much work and waiting needs to be done in my case, until I’m ready to share my insights, that I don’t really see. 🤭

And because I didn’t honor that in the past, because I didn’t have the tools, I’ve been burned at the stake a million times, as in shunned, brushed off and laughed at. Because I couldn’t explain my knowing correctly.

With that 5th Line comes a lot of paranoia.

I‘ve been very concerned about, what people think of me, and I feel, that

knowing can be dangerous, 😮

depending on, who you are dealing with. This is why, the virtual world of the Internet is very appealing, because it helps to avoid the risky personal contact zone.

It’s funny, running around with that Line, that is also part of the Channel, that makes a mental Projector. And as we all know, they have to be recognized and invited first.

Which is quite at odds with me being a Manifestor. But I have to

Honor my Design. 🙌

All in all, I think, this is a weird part of my Design.

I’m not very familiar with it.

And I doubt, that I’ll ever be.