Line 36.1 – Resistance.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

Line 36.1 - Resistance.

March 8, 2022

This is my body’s job. Because my Design Saturn fires up this Line.

Here, in the Gate of Crisis, I live.

And it applies in many ways.

I can handle a crisis. And I can survive a crisis. 💪

My own, and the crisis of others even better.

A lot of my own were the crisis of ignorance. Of inexperience. I wanted to feel the new. And the hunger of my 35.4 drove me into all kinds of crazy situations. 🤣😎😜

That left me unharmed.

Which is incredible, looking back.

When I was seventeen and allowed for the first time to go out on a Saturday night, to party at the club, my eye got caught by a guy. Right when my friend and I entered the scene. Let’s call him Chase. He was tall, darkhaired and seemed to me like the epitome of manhood. Dangerously so.

Somehow, I ended up talking to his wing man first. Let’s call him Ron.  He was a blond friendly bloke, who warned me off his homie. Ron told me, that Chase had a new girl every two weeks. That he could take his pick.

Which made him even more fascinating. 😍😍😍

Yes, I was as naïve as a new born kitten, where dating and all that stuff were concerned. I had no clue, who I was dealing with. Just went into the experience. Live or die.

I don’t remember exactly, how it happened, but when we left the club, I had a date with Chase under my belt.

A few days later, he picked me up at the tube station, driving a huge American style car. I felt so special. I was completely thrown by this guy, who was so experienced, so cool and so in control. 😎

We drove to his apartment, where he was living with his dad. It was a run down place. Worlds away from my normal environment. And I found that exciting, too.

I was even more thrilled, when Chase shoved me into his bed room and closed the door.

There was a big flag on the wall. And Street signs, original ones. Chase proudly told me, how they had stolen them and what fun they’d had. He was wild. And I was shocked. Deliciously so.

But I wasn’t afraid.

It was like being in a movie. 😮

At some point, Chase left the room to get us a drink. He was gone for quite a while, which left me time to browse. And what was lying there on his nightstand, as if it was a common  household item?

A gun.

I couldn’t resist. I picked it up. It felt heavy and cold. And I don’t know, what came over me, but I aimed it on the bed and pulled the trigger.

Boom! 💥

It was loud. My ears rang and, all of a sudden, I couldn’t breathe. Because the gun was actually a gas gun. Filled with tear gas. 💨

Chase burst into the room, a gas mask on his face. His first move was to grab the cage of his canary bird and place it on the balcony. 🐤

Then he grabbed me and frog marched me to the bathroom, splashing my face with copious amounts of water. 🌊🌊🌊

My eyes were red and streaming. His were, too. And, to my astonishment, he was grinning. And casually telling me, that he thought, that the dose of gas was too low. 🤣🤣🤣

I was so smitten, because he was a devil to shake hands with alright. I’m referring at my Line 28.2, and you can read all about it here.

I wanted him to deflower me there and then.

But he didn’t oblige. 🙄

The ruthless womanizer took a rain check. He actually said, that I was a decent girl, and that he didn’t want to ruin me. So, he put me back into his car and drove me all the way home.  Returned to sender.

Like a parcel. 🎁

So, apart from getting my ego bruised, no harm done.

When others are in a crisis, I’m even better. 👍

And various incidents have proven it to me. The more others freak out, the calmer I become.

Here’s one example:

I was on a tube ride. At one station, a weird guy came in. I directly sensed, that he was trouble, so I moved away. All of a sudden, there was a commotion. A woman screamed, a big guy came running to her assistance. Everyone was panicking, moving away from the scene. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

No one thought to press the emergency button, that connects the coach to the driver. I was the only one. I called and asked him to get the police and an ambulance. The train arrived at the station. Everyone was told to stay, where they were. ⛔

While we were waiting, news travelled down the coach, that the woman had been shoved by the weird guy and hurt her leg. The weird guy was yelling and being held down by the big guy. I was chatting to the woman next to me, who turned out to be a student at the police academy! Even she didn’t think of pressing the button to alert the driver. 🤣🤣🤣

It was my job, and I had to do it. 💪

And I was glad to. I wasn’t surprised. I kind of had sensed from the start, that the weird guy was potentially dangerous.

I was prepared.


I’m always prepared for a crisis. 🍀

In the end, the police came in and took the weird guy away. The woman was taken care of by the emergency doctor. Case closed.

I love this. Because I know, that I can handle it. Perhaps

my 36.1 has always been my guardian angel. 😇

And I’m grateful, that I could go through these experiences without being harmed. 🙏

Which goes to show, that we are perfectly designed for who we are.

We are perfectly designed for our purpose.

Every single one of us.