Line 28.2 – Shaking Hands with the Devil.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

Line 28.2 - Sleeping with the Devil.

September 21, 2021

This Line is in my Personality Mars, where I’ve had to do some growing alright.

The 28.2 is all about risk taking. 🎰

Throwing it all in, hoping to win. Hoping to get some purpose out of this crazy thing called life. So, that it can all be worthwhile.

But all of that happens without the pondering of any detail.

Yes, you read right. No detail. It’s a two. It doesn’t do introspection.

Instead this Line, that lives in the Quarter of Bonding, jumps right in.

In the past, my 28.2 saw the spiritual books on my new lover’s shelves and went:

“Yesssss, found him. That’s the one!” 😍😍😍

That he’d only started reading one of them and lost interest half way through, I only found out, when it was too late.

I’d already moved in with him. 😲

So, you see, there’s quite a conflict here in my Design, because in this important area of life – the area of love and partnership – I wasn’t designed to be meticulous.

I was designed to take the risk. Whatever the odds.

And hell yeah, did I do just that.

And hell yeah, did I get burned. 🔥🔥🔥

Both my ex-husbands were devils, in that sense. I never had the chance to get any detail, before I married them.

Back then, there was no Human Design. No chart comparison available.

Just enormous projection fields.

Which pulled me in. Seductive, magnetic, irresistible. 💗💗💗

Today – thanks to Human Design – I see, that it was mainly our conditioning and the mechanics, that lead to these bonding experiences. And they weren’t meant to go well.

They were

meant to produce off-spring. 👶

Because that’s our genetic imperative. The tribal glue of our relationships. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I know, I’m not the one who should talk about this topic, because it was clear to me early on, that I would never have children. They just weren’t in the cards for me.

What I ‘ve learned is, that the devil in the Quarter of Bonding doesn’t give a shit about happy relationships. He’s just after creating more of us, so we can have a vast gene pool for the next mutation.

It’s such a joke, that we’re looking for the different, are attracted by the different, because the different brings healthy babies.

It doesn’t bring happy relationships, though. 🤣🤣🤣

And what does that tell me?

That all my relationship failures were bound to happen. I was helpless.

It wasn’t really anybody’s fault.

And there’s another gift in it:

Forgiveness.  👼

Even though, some memories still make me squirm… 😁🤐

Did that really happen?


The challenge of knowing our Design is:

Accept your reality.

Especially those parts of you, that aren’t what you expected.

And that’s tough, especially, where bonding is concerned.

Like many of us, I’d bought into believing, that I would find the One, my Soul Mate. That we’d live happily ever after and create our own little fairy tale.

But fat chance.

I was

Born to sell my soul to the devil. 😈

And I still feel attracted to the darker guys: the enigmatic tattoo artist, the no-nonsense craftsman, the dangerously unattached alpha-male.

It’s a feeling of

I don’t like you, but I love you. 💫

If you want to know more about my experiences with the devil, watch out for my upcoming eBooks “Getting it on with the Devil – Part 1 + 2”. In each of them, I’ve written down six of my entertaining hot experiences. Obviously changing some details to respect the personality rights of the guys. I can’t wait to make them available to you. 😃

Finding out about this Line, doing my Selective Line Analysis, wasn’t so great at first. But it helped me understand, why things had happened the way they did. And I could finally stop beating myself up for it.

Fortunately, we are built to learn from our experiences. 🍀


Here’s, what I’m doing differently today:

  • I honor my emotional wave and give myself time, before I decide anything.
  • I investigate the other’s chart to see, what I’d be letting myself into.
  • I don’t go searching for love anymore.


It’s not in my hands, who’ll bump into me next.

The Fates decide. 🙃