Line 24.2 – Recognition.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

Line 24.2 - Recognition.

November 16, 2021

My Ajna is a busy place. I have seven definitions there. My Head is pushing its pressure into it, all the time. Which makes me think about things relentlessly. Until I get it.

I want to get it, because that means resolution and resolution means

Silence. 🤍

That’s what the individual Gate 24 really wants.

Now, the Line 24.2 is interesting in the context of my BodyGraph, because I’m an Investigator. I love details, and I normally take my time to get all my ducks in a row, before I step out and talk about something. 📝

But my Line 24.2, which is defined by my Personality North Node, is quite the opposite.

It has

no introspection. ⚡

Talking about an internal conflict!

The second half of my life, I’m moving into the direction of pure inner knowing, depending on a pulse. And it’s only interested in the new. It doesn’t check. So, you can imagine, how painful this can get for me, when I discover something and project it out, without being able to check the validity of that something. 🤔

This is where I got

caught up in spiritual concepts. 🌈👼🦄

You know, the kind of logical, well drawn out spirituality, that is the perfect tool to lose myself in and escape into the 5D world.

My 24.2 bought into all the marvelous promises of esoteric researches and pseudo scientific Wikipedia. I hadn’t heard of it before, it was new and so,

I believed it.

And shared it with  others. Who raised their eye brows at me. 🤨

Still, I thought nothing of it. I was caught in the mental vanity of my own Head.

It took some deconditioning to get out of that trap.

To face my shadows, I had to take a severe blow.

I had to wake up by force. 💥

By shock. I was so deep into unproven, unchecked concepts. I needed a wake up experience. And it’s really ironic, that someone had to close the gates of hell for me. Another spiritual nonsense, you could say. Still worked like magic for me. 😈👼

Next thing I knew, my shadow came back up. Or to be more precise: all the parts of my consciousness, that had split off of me, started yelling at me at once.  Every wound, every pain, that I had suppressed and disowned came back into my awareness, into my knowing.

And it was crystal clear:

I had to know my past, before I could know something new. 🖤🖤🖤

And that’s the thing with the 24.2. I think, I know something, that is mine, that is new, only to find out, that someone else has already created it.

Like it happened with my eBooks. Yes, I’m on the safe side, writing about my personal experiences. Because they’re making my content unique.

The problem are the titles. 📚

I was writing my second eBook under the working title: The End of Our Story. And I loved it so much, I thought, it was so new. And then, I checked Google at some point and voilà:

Someone had already written a book with that same title. 😮

I was devastated!!! And at the same time, it was so good, that that happened, because it forced me to be more precise. I needed to look more closely at my work and check, what it really was about.

When I did that, I realized, that the ending of an external relationship, that never actually began, wasn’t really the point of that book.

The point of my second eBook is the ending of my deep sleep. It describes, how I loved to roam the astral realm and have all kinds of visions, until pain woke me up from the dream.

I literally broke up with my inner sleeping beauty. That’s why the new title is:

The Internal Break Up. 🚩

If you would like to know more, you can read the sample here. And watch the video here.

So, mental vanity.

Please, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying, that all spirituality is nonsense. I have a friend, who spiritually cleared my apartment, and I felt the difference. The ghosts disappeared.

But, when channeled so called “facts” are used as a bypass to get away from reality, they can be dangerous. Because

we can’t escape ourselves.

So now, after years of regression therapy with the Completion Process, I’m awake, I’m not aware yet. Yes, Ra, I can tell the difference, thank you very much. 😉

Going through the process of emotional integration, helped me to accept my past. Now I’m free to see  what’s new. 👀

And all I’m seeing now, because I’m fixed that way, is the beautiful mutative science of

Human Design. 🎉🎇

Ra gave me the final confirmation, when he said, that spirituality always has to have the purpose to make the practical life better. The so called 3D life.

🌟 Only with a practical purpose, spirituality is worth our while. 🌟