Line 2.3 – Patience.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

Line 2.3 - Patience.

October 19, 2021

Okay. I think, you know by now, that I’m a Manifestor. That means, you also know, that patience is the last thing on my mind, when it comes to initiating!!! 🔥🔥🔥

And still. My Design North Node is in Line 2.3 and has taken over the show, a while ago. And it’s not the only Line in my Chart, that is preaching this virtue to me. My Line 62.5 is also obligating me to have the patience to accumulate enough detail to provide excellence, when I impact you with my opinion.

Just as my Design South Node, the Line 1.3, my Line 2.3 is

unconsciously hanging out in my open G-Center. 😜

I didn’t have much awareness about it. It’s just dawning on me now, that this Line is the epitome of my femininity and is in conflict with my Yang power as a Manifestor.

Yes, I am a woman. 😄

But my packaging made that hard to accept. I always rejected the vulnerability, that is related to being female. It’s so much easier to identify with the protector parts of my being, whom I perceive as masculine, obviously. And I have a whole army of them. I worked them so hard all my life, that, in the end, they all needed to go to the safe haven and have a rest.

And now, having done my own Selective Line Analysis, I see, that I actually have a definition that provides me with

the patience for life long receptivity. 🏆

Woah. Who would’ve guessed!

And I have the second part of my life to grow into it. Hopefully. 😋

The description of this Line 2.3 is the teacher that never stops being a student. And I can relate to that. The second Gate is magical.

It’s where the Driver sits. ‍🚗

The one, who is driving our vehicle. The big mystery of our existence. Dark matter, that we can’t touch with our senses yet. And while he’s doing the driving, I’m just sitting in the back seat, observing the trial and error of all the different directions, he takes me to.  For example, I might have mentioned it before, 😉

I have been living in 20 different places already!!! 🏡

With this Gate, I’m not just following my own trajectory,

I’m also providing direction to others. 🔀

If I want to or not. Because the second Gate is all about our direction in life, as the whole of humanity. This is the place, where all our evolutionary action comes from.

When the pulse comes and mutation strikes, I have to move. Wherever it leads me. It’s irresistible and pushes me forward, on my unique path.  And that affects everyone around me.

Since I don’t have the Gate 14 to provide me consistently with the necessary fuel, I was often too low on energy to make a move. There were

long periods of stuckness.

When I knew , that change was on its way, but I couldn’t do anything about it yet. I had to wait for the right person or the right transit to fuel me with the energy, that I needed to make the change. And that’s such a heavy place to be in!!!

It’s hard, when you know, that the cycle has ended, but there’s nothing, you can do about it. Until the path is clear, and on the journey goes.

My next move, I’m calling it:

Big Jump Back North. 🌲🌳🍃

I knew, it was coming. For ages. I knew, that the island was kicking me out. But I had to wait for the right fuel, so I could do something about it. Which is now. The time is finally right, and I’m preparing my departure. After fourteen years, my direction is changing again.

Big time!


all I can do is surrender. 🖐😪 😄

My Driver is taking me back home now. At least, that’s what I think, I’m going to do. I have a ferry ticket booked in a few weeks time. I think,  I’m going to grab my car, stuff it with my most beloved possessions and get on board. And then, I’ll drive all across the whole of Europe, starting in the South of Spain, going North, passing through France and Belgium, all the way back to good old Germany.

Who knows, what I’m going to find?!

All I know is, that I am

On my personal trajectory. With no choice. 🚢🚗

My mind is protesting, but my body knows

it’s correct.