Line 17.6 – The Bodhisattva.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

Line 17.6 - The Bodhisattva.

January 25, 2022

Line 17.6  – The Bodhisattva.

This beautiful Line in the Gate of Opinion is defined by my Personality Venus. 🧜‍♀️

Btw, I only have two sixth Lines in my Chart, so it makes sense to me, after having shared my woes about the 43.6, to continue with this one. Which fortunately is much clearer, and therefore gives me much more substantial information to share.

Line 17.6 is part of my main Personality definition, forming a Channel with Line 62.5, where my Jupiter puts down his law, making me the Queen of Detail. 👑 I wrote my first Line Experience about it, which you can read here.

It’s my Default Position to go looking for logical concepts and patterns, that are worth to be considered

a practical rule for the future of humanity.

And, I think, that they are beautiful, too.

I love to organize all kinds of information into concepts, ready for communication. I love the process of writing down information, using different colors to highlight, what’s important to me. For writing, I use blue, and for decorating, green or pink. That’s why I prefer flipcharts over beamers. And why I love emojis. 🌷🍀

Line 17.6 is thinking, that the perfect path is a straight line rather than a circle, and that there is an end to learning, at some point.

I very much relate to that.

How many times in my life have I caught myself thinking:

This is it. I found it. Now, I can rest. The search is over.” 💡

But, it never is. Life goes on, regardless. Until Gate 29 puts a stop to it and says its final No.

Until then, we’ll go on finding new patterns.

So, I think, it’s obvious, that with this Line

I’m predestined for Human Design. 🎉

The beautiful logicial Science of Differentiation is, what I’ve been looking for all my life.

My insightful Projector friend Tuuli Vahtra guided me towards this knowledge. When I saw my BodyGraph for the first time, I never looked back.

I’m utterly devoted to Human Design, because it explains every nook and cranny of our existence.


I think, that Human Design is it. 💗

That there is nothing else, no other concept, that explains our uniqueness, our cosmology and our magic so well, so deeply, so stunningly spot on.

Being born on the Cross of Consciousness, I had to deal with a lot of unconsciousness in my life. Also in myself. I got sidetracked by so many spiritual concepts, that had no scientific foundation. That could not be explained, just believed. And I’m not a believer.

In fact, when someone wants me to believe in a concept without any proof, I just can’t do it.

What a relief, that I don’t have to believe in Human Design! 😅

Because the evidence is there, in my own experiment. There’s also a lot of information available to study. Heaven for my 1/4 Profile. Finally, something solid. Something to rely on. Something worth my while.

Speaking of which. I won’t share my gems of wisdom with you, if you’re not interested, if you’re not on my fractal.

I need to be respected for what I have to offer. And respect comes in many shapes and forms. For example,

money is a form of respect to me. 🥇

Yes, there are still occasions, when I can’t help offering my opinion for free. When I’m pushed to impact someone with the knowledge. When someone says a clear Yes to me.

And I have to wait for that to happen. Because as a 1/4, I’m only allowed to impact those, who are close to me. Thanks to modern technology, you can be miles and miles away geographically. But when you resonate with me, when my impact is right for you, I can still reach you.

And that’s all I want. That’s what I’m here for, as a Manifestor. Nothing lights me up more than a Yes from a Generator or Manifesting Generator, who wants to know, who they are.

That’s what I live for. That Yes. 🌞🌞🌞

My life purpose is to impact those close to me with my opinion about Human Design, so they can know themselves and take their own place in the Wheel. And fulfill their own purpose.

Like Ra, I would love to see this Maia with everyone in their rightful place, freed of the NOT-Self burden. I would love to see humanity organized completely now.

But that will very likely never happen. Because time is running out for the Human Being in Transition.

We have only a few cycles left to fulfill our purpose of awareness. To witness, what it means to be

consciousness in a specific bio form. 😇

And there will be no mass awakening. Because Human Design only works individually, one human being at a time.

That’s how I am designed to impact. One at a time. So annoying. 😣

I wish, it was different. But that’s probably just my Desire Transference speaking out of me.

After all, my Motivation is Innocence.

Almost three years in my experiment, I’m getting an idea, what this means.

I’m practicing flow. Laughing, when my plans are getting shattered. 😄

Letting the Fates do,

what they have to do.