Line 1.3 – The energy to sustain creative work.

Written By Anne Ehrhardt.

Line 1.3 - The energy to sustain creative work.

October 5, 2021

This is the Line, where my Design South Node sits. So, you could say, that it’s my comfort zone, even when it’s on its way out. I’m over fifty now, so I’m clearly in the second half of my life, where my Design North Node 2.3 has taken over the show. Which I’m going to dive into in my next Blogpost. Feel free to dive in, after finishing this one. 😊

The first Gate is the Gate of Creation and

Creation is a primal force. 💪

So, there’s a strong underlying current. And this Gate is a Role Gate, which makes it even more significant. But it lives in my open G and it’s unconscious, so I never had a particular identification with being creative. I only discovered very recently, that I’m actually a creative being. Working through Julia Cameron’s amazing “The Artist’s Way” twice, opened that door for me. And I began to  draw again. Which I last have done in school. 🎨

The first half of my life, I‘ve been conditioned so far away from being creative with my studies of economics and working in public administration. I was consumed by making a living, by having a career, by justifying the effort of my studies and landing a good job. 💰

Even though, now that I think of it, I was responsible for installing a new system of controlling and had to be quite creative, selling it to people, which was fun, in a way. But it didn’t feel like mine, like something original. Because I was bound by a system, that interfered with my creative impulses. That hit me in the face, when I tried to do it my way.

And yes, you can say that

I learned a lot about interference.

And that’s, what this third Line is all about: I’m here to learn, how to express my uniqueness without interference. That’s the key.

And how do I learn that?

Exactly, through trial and error. 👍👎

For me, as a Manifestor, interference is my kryptonite. It cripples me. Just the thought of it makes my skin crawl and my jaw muscles tighten with anger. Oh anger, my beautiful alert system, that smells incoming interference from a mile away.

How I have come to love you! 💗

And I have to admit, that

I had good interference, too. 😊

For example, when I was steered in the direction of Berlin and got this amazing job, where I learned so much about, how to interact with others, how to communicate and how to deal with resistance in the face of change.

Or when I ran into my potential future boss at a federal event and was able to grab the chance and secure my next job in Hamburg, the beloved city, where I was born.

Or when I bumped into my second husband, who pulled me towards the island, and I had to leave everything behind, the whole matrix of money and status. Which led to confronting all my pain and trauma, with the result of healing it and

finding Human Design, my life purpose, 👑

in the bargain.

I guess, we could call all of that interference.

Because for a Line 1.3, the interference is always there. If it isn’t the people around me, it’s the planets. I don’t feel like I can be left in peace to do what I want, without being interfered with.

Today, it’s easier to accept, because I’ve learned my lessons. Martian energy has pushed me through. And I found my original creativity, which has a lot to do with getting immersed in the depth of somebody’s chart.

I love doing that for my friends, who are my clients, too. 💗

It’s my biggest passion to express the realities of this science through my unique perspective. It fills me up completely. It’s my favorite thing to do. And now I’ve found a way to be creative without interference, because

I can do this anywhere. 🌍

Wherever I go.

And that’s such a new feeling of limitlessness. That I’m just starting to explore. The digital world, which allows you to live where you want, is so amazing. Where ever it leads me.  Which now is, returning home.

My perspective on the island has changed completely. After two cycles of seven years,  I see it with different eyes. The beach and the desert don’t talk to me anymore, the pleasure they once gave me is gone.

I ran away to the island to get away from the pain. And nature soothed it. Distance cured it. Space helped me to see it all clearly. Isolation was my friend to decondition.

Today, almost three years into my experiment, I see how lonely that is. Nature alone can’t make my life worthwhile. I have to bond like everyone else, even though I know, that I can never be one with the other, because two things can’t occupy the same space. Still, I need the connection. And I can feel that now. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Dealing with this third Line, there is one other aspect to mention, and that’s money. 💰

This Line can be so easily distorted by money, because we all need it to survive, and when you’re a creative and need to sell your creation in order to survive, you’re doomed.

Because your creation has to find a buyer. If it doesn’t, then it’s back to counting numbers and waiting tables. Because you have to eat, to pay your bills. The real potential can be so lost by that.

And this is where trial and error come in, from a different angle. Because

Success depends on joining with the right allies. 👮‍♀️👩‍🏫👨‍🍳

When the Selective Line Analysis first came down on me. It just happened. Because I was trial and erroring with my own Lines. 😜

And my mind didn’t like it at all. It thought, the SLA was illogical and incomplete. It sees the flaws. But the SLA is original. Which isn’t about perfection. It’s not about being the best. It’s about me expressing my unique self. And that self doesn’t care one bit about, what my mind thinks. It’s incomparable. It just happened in a pulse, that I couldn’t control. 😏

And now, talking about allies, I found such a perfect ally, who’s supporting me to bring this creation into the world: Daniel Fischer from Right from the start, he took my SLA as a given. With his excellent web design and social marketing skills, he is  such a positive interference. Even though, he often has to insist, until I get it, that he’s on my side. 😅

Such a learning curve for a Manifestor…


🌟 A hail to all the beautiful interfering Projectors out there!! 🌟


You see, I’ve learned my share about interference and my conclusion is:


Surrender is the best way to go, when you have this Line. 🌊