I'm Anne.

Hey beautiful unique Being,

Want more of my uniqueness?

Let’s check it out.

All my life, I’ve been hunting for Clarity.
High and low. And guess what:
Found it! With Human Design. The missing concept to my 63.1.
Logic and Science. Substantial Answers. What a relief!

I’m a Manifestor. Move with me. Fast. Or get out of my way.
Let me inform you. And thank you, for returning the favor. We’ll get along great.
My biggest challenge: Learn how to wait in an active state. Until life pushes me.
Even more massive challenge: Wait for others. And believe me, I’m doing my best.

In my experiment as a 1/4 Harmonic Profile. Another weirdness to embrace.
My desk. My sanctuary. Head down and study. Please, close the door.
My mind. Only one track: Human Design Expertise. Absolute of the Maia. This is home.
So, come on, my friends, my trusted allies: Let’s have some fun and join the party!

Emotional. Powered by Waves. Weakness and Strength. Approach and Withdrawal.
Let them roll through me. Doing their thing. It happens when it happens.
There is no why. There’s only because. My decisions, they are
much better now.

After 54 years my purpose took over. I had no choice.
Rebirth from the ashes: The Queen of Detail. She is my Law.
Now that I’m sorted: Organize the Collective.
And this job needs to be done
one by one.

Human Design Expert - Anne Ehrhardt - The Queen of Detail.

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I am a Pisces.

So, why buy a sofa, when I can have another bed?

Fun Facts.

  • I cut my own curls. Love them to bits.
  • I have photographic memory. Remember your face.
  • Left my country to live on a Spanish island. Just like Ra.
  • My Projector friend introduced me to Human Design. Forever grateful.
  • Living by oven-baked potatoes with cheese and tons of chocolate is correct for me.
  • I scribbled and drew over 100 pages creating my very own Human Design Encyclopedia.

Mundane Stuff.

I am a Jack of all Trades. With an Open G. Tried out quite some identities over the years.

Here are a few:
  • Swimming Instructor = Teaching children how to water ballet. What a joy!
  • Shop Assistant = I can tell your best fitting jeans design and size at one glance.
  • Change Consultant = Public administration going goal oriented. Learning all about resistance.
  • Life Coach = Breaking free to get into the depth of people and their life path.
  • Travel Guide = Wow, do people have a lot to complain about! Even when in paradise.
  • Spanish Teacher = A pleasure to teach. Much easier than German.
  • Team Leader = Getting all my egos behind me and win the competition was lots of fun.

And after all this hopping in and out of experiences, I think I’ve now arrived at my final destination, my life purpose:

Human Design Expert

= One-on-One Investigation of the Human Design Lines using my tool, the Selective Line Analysis. That’s my passion!

Want more? Read my hilarious work experiences here.

Married and divorced twice. Learned to honor my mechanics the hard way. Do not recommend it.

Now I know my fixed natural rhythm. NOT to be interfered with. Or I get sick.

So, no sleeping in the same bed for me!

You’re still reading?

Feels like a match?

Respect your authority.

And follow your strategy.

Timing is everything.

Can’t wait to meet you.